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Texas Lullaby
By David Allan Coe
Tabbed By Larry Mofle

Capo 2

See those tumbleweeds a blowin'
         D                G 
Lord, It makes me want to cry
It reminds me of my Daddy
         D          G
And that Texas Lullaby
See those cactus flowers blooming'
         D              G
Like the twinkle in his eye
Everytime he started singin' 
         D          G   
That old Texas Lullaby

       D                      G  
Yippie Yi Little doggie, roll on, roll on
       D                         G
Yippie Yi Little doggie, take me home, take me home
        C                       G              C
It's so cold on the desert, I'm chilled to the bone
       G         D              G
Yippie yi Little doggie, yippie yi

Looky yonder there's a dust cloud painting pictures in the sky
Daddy told me all about, in that Texas Lullaby
Them old Longhorns are a ballin', Lord I know I must be high
Wish my Daddy could hear me singin' this old Texas Lullaby




Daddy Left me this old guitar, though I never quite knew why
He said someday I'd be famous like the Texas Lullaby
But it's been a month of Sundays since I've seen that old eagle fly
And nobody wants to listen to a Texas Lullaby

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