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David Allan Coe - Hey Gypsy

E              A     G#      F#
Hey Gypsy, Hey Gypsy come on home
B            A       B          E
Even if itís just to paint your wagon
    E         A        G#      F#
Old hobo, how long can this go on
B                       A       B      E        C# B C# B   
She's mending socks and sittin' home a naggin'.

Hey outlaw, letís spend some time together
         E                                      B
She said outlaw, it doesn't matter whether were alone
Come on home.

    E                 A        G#      F#    
Hey drifter, has your feelings for her gone
         B             A          B      E
Have you spent to many nights out on the highway
    E                        A        G#        F#
Hey loner, she said, hit the road and sing your songs
   B        A            B         E    C# B C# B
It wonít be long until I have your baby.


    E                       A                        E
Hey drifter, Hey Gypsy, hey outlaw, hey drifter, hey loner, hey outlaw,
    A                      E
Old hobo, hey drifter, Hey Gypsy, Hey Gypsy.

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