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David Allan Coe 
Heavenly Father, Holy Mother

F 	  	  	         Bb
If grandpa was alive right now
                 C                 F
Ainít no telliní what heíd have to say
Why he had fifteen wives all living with him
        C              F
When he finally pasted away
And though I just got two now momma 
Bb 	  	  	  	 F
Thatís enough to keep me satisfied
I havenít had a son yet
        Bb                  C                F
But the good Lord knows the three of us have tried.

          Bb           C
Cause the Pennsylvania Dutch 
             Bb             F
That we once spoke has been forgotten
        Bb            F              C
And the Mormon way of life is almost gone
    Bb              C              F    C    Bb
But now and then we gather down in Salt Lake City
   Bb               C           F
To raise our voices in a joyful song.

And we sing:
               Bb     F
Heavenly Father, Holy Mother
Keeper of our children
Tiller of the land
F                   Bb
Take us to the river
In a horse and buggy
Give us our salvation
        C        F
Help us make our stand.

F 	  	  	   Bb
No maíam, I did go to see
 	  	         C 	  	    F
The reverend bring him young while I was there
And Iím sure glad to know you 
       Bb 	  	   C         F
Wanted him to mention my name in a pray

I hope he did not preach about
The young folks that refuse to make a change
    C                          Bb
And if he did Iím sure I got a little more 
     C               F
Than my share of the blame.


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