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For the Soul and For the Mind
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's '71-'74"


D                                            G                 D
There's nothin' like the good times when the bad times are all gone
Sittin' 'round in Harlan's place singin' some old songs
G             G/B               D            G
Me and Billie Joe would sit and never make a sound
D                                   A7          D
Watchin' all them pickers pass that old guitar around

               G                G/B           D                G
When there was good old country music for the soul and for the mind
           Bm               G            D                   A7
When those sweet vibrations got out of control you could not find
  G                G/B          D                 G
A greater bunch of poets to sit down and pass the time
        D                              A7               D
Playin' good old country music for the soul and for the mind

D  G  A7

D                                       G                D
They've played all their new songs, the ones no one will sing
Gettin' by on gettin' high, tryin' to do their thing
G                 G/B            D             G
Singin' 'bout the good old days, wantin' to be free
D                               A7             D
Talkin' 'bout Kristofferson and how it used to be

CHORUS (repeat and fade) 
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