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G                               C   
Those Harley's they cost so much money
G                       D
A Honda is all he could buy
G                         C
He covers it up on his car port,
G         D           G
If anyone saw it he'd die.
G                            C
He acts just as tough as his buddies
G                          D
They drink Harley Davidson beer.
G                             C
And he tells anyone that will listen,
G             D   Dsus2     G     
He's buying a panh ead next year.

D                                  G
And we all laugh and think it's so funny,
G                           D
Especially when we hear him say,
G                                    C
Right now I'm just learning to ride, man
   G               D          G
Oh but I'll have a Harley someday.
last ch.
yeah but I'll have a Harley someday

Vs 2
He don't take his bike to Daytona,
But he carries his helmet along.
And the Ironhorse Saloon shirt he's wearing,
Say's bike week 1981.
He's a bona fide wanna be tough guy.
With long hair and chains on his boots.
He works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday
In loafers and Ivy League suits. 


Vs 3
And he's thinking of getting a tattoo,
And maybe an earring or two.
As much as we hate to admit it,
We all know what he's going through.
We say he's a true weekend warrior,
He's wearing his old Harley hat.
And the truth is it's hard to remember,
That we all started out just like that.

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