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Band: Zao
Song: Ravage Ritual
Album: Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest
Bassist: No bassist mentioned in the credits
Tabbed By: BurnTheBassistMX (
Tuning: D A D G

Riff 1 (0:28)
G |---------------|
D |---------------|
A |---------------|
D |--0000-0~--1~--|

Riff 2 (0:38)
G |---------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------|
A |---------------------------------|
D |--0~-000-000-000-1~-111-111-111--|

Fill (1:02)
G |-------|
D |-------|
A |-------|
D |--x-0--|

Riff 3 (1:03) You have two choices, play the rhythm…
G |------------------|
D |------------------|
A |------------------|
D |--00-000-000-000--|

Or the lead…
G |-------------------|
D |--7-5---5---5------|
A |------8---8---8-7--|
D |-------------------|

Riff 4 (1:36) (no choice)
G |---------------------|
D |------7-5---5---5----|
A |----------8---8---8--|
D |--0-0----------------|

Riff 5 (1:55)
G |-----------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|
A |-----------------------------|
D |--x-x-7~-x-x-8~-7-5-3-0-3-0--|

Riff 6 (2:22)
G |--------------|
D |--------------|
A |--------------|
D |--0~-6~-x-1~--|

Riff 7 (2:47)
G |--------------|--------------------|
D |--------------|--------------------|
A |--------------|--------------------|
D |--0-00-0-000--|--0-000-00-00-0000--|

Taken from The BassMasta --

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