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My Love, My Love - Zao


Tabbed by: Bubb

Email: webmaster at

**This is my first tab and I'm still a n00b, so this may be horribly wrong.

Just wanted to do this so maybe someone else can work on it.

This song is so ridiculous--unfortunately I've only got 2 of the riffs in it


Tuning: CGCFAD

*Riff One*



G|11-------------------------------------------------| (x6 i think)

D|-x--(x a bunch)----11-11-11-11-11---11-11-11-11-11-|



*Riff Two*



G|----------------------------| (x4 i think)




Then it goes back to Riff one.....that's all I've got

Enough to get someone else started who can finish it

Comment to let me know how close I am

| / slide up

| \ slide down

| h hammer-on

| p pull-off

| ~ vibrato

| + harmonic

| x Mute note

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