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Zao-End Of His World
as most of Zao's songs are played in this in in
Drop D a whole step down (DAFCGC)


F |-141414-14141414-14-14--|
C |--x x x--x x x x--x--x--| repeat X4
G |-121212-12121212-12-12--|
C |------------------------|


C |--3-2-O-6-3-5--3-3p2pO-6-3-5--|
G |--3-2-O-6-3-5--3-3p2pO-6-3-5--| repeat X4
C |--3-2-O-6-3-5--3-3p2pO-6-3-5--|


repeat X3 then this X1

F |--55/-777-777-777/ |--1414-14-141414-14--|
C |--xx/-xxx-xxx-xxx/ |---x x--x--x x x--x--| all of this X3 and go back to chorus
G |--33/-555-555-555/ |--1212-12-121212-12--|
C |-----------------------------------------|

"The End oF His World"

repeat X3 this once
F |------------1414--| |------------141515--|
C |--14O-14O--x x--| |--14O-14O--x x x--|
G |--14O-14O-1212--| |--14O-14O-121313--|
C |--14O-14O-------| |--14O-14O----------|

then this X1 this X3
F |---------151515--| |-----------151515--|
C |--3-2-O---x x x--| |--143p2pO--x x x--|
G |--3-2-O--131313--| |--143p2pO-131313--|
C |--3-2-O----------| |--143p2pO---------|

this X1 this X3
F |--------141414--| |-----------141414--|
C |--3-2-O--x x x--| |--143p2pO--x x x--|
G |--3-2-O-121212--| |--143p2pO-121212--|
C |--3-2-O---------| |--143p2pO---------|

finally this X4
F |-----------151515--|
C |--143p2pO--x x x--| and back to the chorus X2
G |--143p2pO-131313--|
C |--143p2pO---------|

hold this out and then...
C |--1~1~--|
G |--1~1~--|
C |--1~1~--|

this x4 and back to holding out the 1,back to this x4,
F |--1414--------1414----------------| and end on the first
C |---x x-x-14O--x x-O-14O-O-14O--| fret on the low C and
G |--1212-x-14O-1212-O-14O-O-14O--| then wack some harmonics
C |-------x-14O------O-14O-O-14O--| on the 5th and 7th frets
pm . . .

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