Yaki-da - Teaser On The Catwalk

Lyrics and Music: Jonas "Joker" Berggren

Didn't she let yo down

She's a teaser on the catwalk

She's a teaser on the catwalk

Don't you believe in her

She's attractive and she knows it

Watch your step

You will ask for a good thing

But I might turn you down

I'm a woman of desire

You'll be one in the line

Can you understand if I say to you

You'll burn your fingers here

I'm an average fallen angel

But I'm here to stay

She's a teaser on the catwalk...


I will ask you for a favour

And you won't let me down

I'll be coming as your neighbor

And you're stuck in the jam

I'm a mastermind and maneater

I'll catch you in my web

But when you have learned to love me

I'll be on my way

She's a teaser on the catwalk...(repeat)

But you're flying round like a bumblebee

You're searching for a flower to pollinate

Irresistible, a forbidden fruit

Belonging to another, so innocent (repeat)

Ever since eternity man has had a hunger for passion

So taste it, feel it

Don't be afraid

You know the biggest fools are them

Who never even dare to try

Why don't let you let your emotions get to you

Time to lose control

Didn't she let you down, she's a teaser on the catwalk

She's a teaser on the catwalk...

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