Yaki-da - Show Me Love

Lyrics and Music: Jonas "Joker" Berggren

I just wanna have what is mine

Your love for me

Wait and see

I'm not trying to seduce you

Though it's a long and cold dark night

You are the one you are

I would never try to change you

I wanna see who you are inside

Show me love

And how to share it

I'll give you double up in return

Life is now

And meant for living

Cause it's been grey for so many years

I feel lonely when I see you

Why don't you give me just a smile

You'd make my day in many ways

Just a fragment of your lifetime

Because the shine in my eyes will tell

Show me love...

I, I'm not beautiful

But I can give you something

No one's gonna give you

Me, I will fight for you

So I'll be yours

Just give me time

Show me love

I live, I'm learning

Life will never, ever be bad

Under my spell

Kiss and tell

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