Yaki-da - Mejor Mañana

Lyrics: John Ballard, "Joker" and Linda SchönbergMusic:

Jonas "Joker" BerggrenOye,

mañanamejor mañanaOye MañanaGonna get a place in the

sunMejor MañanaGonna get it right and move onYou worry

in the morning'Bout your job and 'bout the futureYou

ain't got a lot of moneyAnd you feel like breaking

upSo welcome to the big clubWe're a whole new generationOur

motto isJoin the party have some funOye,

Mañana...So many people talkingListen up to what they're

sayingDon't go looking for the answerYou won't find

it anywayThe trouble you've been makingThere's a whole

new situation'Cause our motto isJoin the party have

some funOye, mañana...Imagine tomorrowSee the dawnThe

shadows are fallingOne by oneIt's a new dayOye,

Mañana...(repeat)Imagine tomorrow

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