Yaki-da - Another Better World

Lyrics and Music: Jonas "Joker" Berggren

You wouldn't leave

For another better world

You wouldn't leave

For the best of reasons


I wanna tell you that I do care

But I can't promise

Cause I don't know who I am

At the moment I am doing

What I never though I'd do

I see everything around me

Through your eyes

You may love me as an angel

Can you love me as a fool

Make it better together

You wouldn't leave...

I wanna give you more than flowers

To give you something

Like a bridge over time

So that we could be together

In a sunny better world

Take a short way to the kingdom of passion

It's like a promise of a new life

You will have me once again

When the night is all over

You wouldn't leave...

I'm shaping up my life now

It turned me upside down

And it's odd to me you didn't

Leave me with the speed of light

I guess I'm looking like an angel

In your eyes

I wanna tell you that I love you

You wouldn't leave me...

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