Yahwe Mutabo

Yahwe Mutabo - Loveless And Goodbye

Yearning for the crass in dusk to fall

I can feel the pulse of a temptress stare

It begs seduction coiled curse a spark of severance

Trite reflection in sacred enlightenment

Cold divinity is choking and tears at flesh

We scream to breathe - fight for confinement

So live and let die - loveless and goodbye

Deaden the bright of blue eyes and red skies

That captures this deep disturbance

Discovering the destruction of true enemies

Within our selves lay dormant with accusation

In the comfort of self indulgence

Scratch the itch that spells disaster

To shed the praise in righteousness

Carry this message of confession

To the addict who still suffers

With so much to hide and nothing to offer

In this covert glass house of deviance and sympathy

We destroy refuge - we destroy everything

So how will we sleep tonight

Welcome the remedy dead ends of bitter reality

A common count for a sadist and a queen

Embellished devotion hexed from worship

Staggers the relevance of tyranny

Shards from whispers and insight

Split the clean slate of sanctuary

Subtle overture invades space

Imposing restrained desire

Infesting each mistake to

Suspend all discipline

They fight for air

We run for cover

So make me your fledgling and lay me down

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