Yahwe Mutabo

Yahwe Mutabo - A Girl In Glass

It's what she meant with open ends

The scaled cracks our numbered and counting down

There is no contact - so shrive away

She cannot save it from herself

Rather be somewhere else

Rather be someone else

Her judgement from the mirror meets

With shut reaction

Its conviction is cause to her decline

The quiet touch of addicted glamour

Dates the tyrant child unsatisfied a portrait's trash

Attempts corruption to marvel the ovations of thoughtlessness

White knuckled substance - no self-control

Ghost faced smiles - cut ear to ear

Strung out reprisal -dated and covered in

Dope sick afternoon simplicity

Hedonistic escape to shroud her symptoms decrements the ordinary

She can shatter

She can break - forever young

The girl in the glass is one of us

Hurt it more to make her yours

The girl is interrupted

Immense illusion can end transmission till death will she part

Kill it and put it to rest

She's never coming back

Yahwe Mutabo A Girl In Glass

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