Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean - Pablo Diablo

Lawyer: your honor, I would like to call my first witness<br>To the stand. all the way from east l.a., your honor,<br>Pablo diablo.<br>Pablo: hey! guantana mira. hey, my lovin' is for everyone, man.<br>Do you know it reminds me of the summertime in the<br>Bungalows of spain, all night in the park.<br>Eh, you would hear your music. it would be on the eighth<br>Floor, but the pongos they reach up there, man!<br>We used to keep the whole neighborhood up.<br>(singing) guantanamara!<br>Lawyer: thank you, pablo, for nothing. jesus christ,<br>What a moron. no further questions, your honor.

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