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The Lighthouse
Ronnie Hinson


Theres a (D)Lighthouse on the hill(D7)side
That(G) overlooks lifes (D)sea
When I'm (D)tossed it sends out a light
A light (E)that I might (A)see
And the (D)light that shines in (D7)darkness now 
Will (G)safely lead me (E)ore
If it (D)wasn't for the Lighthouse
My (A)ship would sail no (D)more

Now (D)everybody that lives around(D7) me
Says, (G)"Tear that old Lighthouse (D)down,
You know the (D)big ships don't sail this way anymore,
There ain't no (E)use in it standin' (A)round"(A7)
But then my (D)mind goes back
To that (D7)stormy night, when (G)just in time
(E)I saw that old light
It was the (D)light from that old Lighthouse
And it still (A)stands up (A7)there on the (D)hill


And I thank (D)God for the Light(D7)house
I (G)owe my life to (D)Him
For (D)Jesus is the Lighthouse
And (E)from the rocks of (A)sin
He has (D)shown a light around me
That (G)I might clearly (D)see
If it (D)wasn't for the Lighthouse
(A)Where would this ship (D)be?

And I thank (D)God for the Lighthouse
I (G)owe my life to (D)Him
(D)Jesus is the Lighthouse
And (E)from the rocks of (A)sin
He has (D)shown the light around me
That (G)I might clearly (D)see
If it (D)wasn't for the Lighthouse
(A)Where would this ship (D)be?

I know some of the words are not right but they still mean the same, sorry.

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