WITCHDOCTOR - 4 In The Temple

(feat. Big Gipp, T-Mo, Phoenix)

Gotta get on my job

Take it back to the warehouse

Plot back in


A late night escape, hit me on the script

On the hip, gotta dip

Hollering, calling me out like a Girl Scout

Better go ahead and sell your cookies later

Fuck up out my face, rookie

Took me on a trip away

Chopping trees, eating grits with runny eggs

I'm always tripping on the beggars working the same corner

Trying to vamp me with the creases in your clothes

Sticking cuffs up in my face, don't act

Fumbling, pretty scared like tailbacks they flow

Knees and elbows got drug in the parking lot

So jellybeans (where ya at?) come clean

Come on in, sit down, relax and catch your wind

Some pretend but this man don't bend

Limping like Willy, turning bunks face down

On the military campground

And I'm out, nigga


Yeah, all this goddam grinding ain't shit

(ho hustling) Cause I ain't got nathan to show

Except small quantities of blow

And enough flow to keep my lil boy belly full

But when that little bit run out

Pray your card don't get pulled

Should my path ever be crossed

On my family-feeding missions

Missing persons lives lost, inside edition

Kissing ass on nine-to-fives ain't gon keep me alive

Had to do without a lot still I seem to survive

Tried that straight path with the bow lean

Better with this new world, fitting in

Like a buzzard in a bed of swirl

Pearl handle on this firearm

Partner stay calm, now pass me your bomb

I thought your moms

Had told you about them niggas in the slums

(East Point, smoke something)


I wish you were me and I was you

Maybe then you would see what I go through

Each and every day, making up thangs to say, to speak

Uplifting words from my soul to keep

And my niggas that fantasize how wide the ride get

The concert, never the need to rob or car jack

The fact is to keep a cool head and chill

And get your Bible, it says thou shalt not kill

We do it anyway, and focus on short-lived enjoyment

And blame it on the white folks cause they supporting it

360 degrees of emcees from the Tree

To from one fourth of the MoB (SWATs)


Yeah, smallest predator on the Georgia plains

I'm about to take your mind on a journey

Uh, seeker no sleeper

I walk the streets, God keep me safe

Evil's raped this planet, damn it

I can't stand it, come travel to South West Atlant-ic

With me, there will be no stops in the bluff

A motherfucker sniffs his snuff

Sometimes it's tough to cope

Came a long way, and with so far to cover

Let me drank with y'all Gs

Moether Nature's seeds keep your eyes open

The seven seas rumbling, bullets they coming

Uh, the devil's shot it, human beings robotic

I'm got my chrome, man

When niggas start disappearing about cloning

Sometimes I feel weak

Mentally I'm one of the firest niggas in the street

With this rap shit I paid my dues

I never thought that I was better than you

Uh, niggas wanna die you'll get your wish

Goodbye, you outta here, never coming back

Niggas dying with their straps, uh

I can't adapt, I want a free life

I'm in the dark throw me a light

Blaze ‘em high, let's expand

Rule the land, invest with a vest

If you catch a slug to the chest

So much turmoil you put yourself in

So much sin each of us has slept in

Bout to inject this chord

You know something about this rap shit

But you ain't know nathan about the Lord

Outta here

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