Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - You Are My Sunshine guitar chord

You are My Sunshine (Willie Nelson)

(A)The other night dear as I lay sleeping,

I dreamed I (D)held you in my (A)arms,

When I a(D)woke dear I was mis(A)taken

And I hung my (E)head and I (A)cried,


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me (D)happy when skies are (A)gray,

You?ll never (D)know dear, how much I (A)love you,

Please don?t take my (E)sunshine (A)away,

I?ll always love you and make you happy,

If you will (D)only say the (A)same,

But if you (D)leave me to love an(A)other,

You will regret it (E)all some (A)day,

Repeat Chorus

You told me once dear, you really loved me,

and no one (D)else could come be(A)tween,

but now you?ve (D)left me and love an(A)other,

you have shattered (E)all my (A)dreams,

Repeat Chorus


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