Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Stay All Night guitar chord

"Willie Nelson"

"Stay All night"

"CD" "Flashback"

Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net


(G)Cant't go home if you're goin' by the mill.

(G)Bridge is washed out at the bottom of the hill.

(G)Big creeks up and the little creeks level.

(G)Plow my corn with a(D)double(G)shovel.


(G)Stay all night,stay a little longer.

(D)Dance all night, dance a little longer

(G)Pull off your coat and throw it in the corner.

(D)Don't see why you can't stay a little(G)longer

(2)*same pattern*

Sittin' in the window,singin' to my love.

Slop bucket fell from the window above

Mule and the grasshopper eatin' my grain

Mule Got sick so we layed him on the?

(repeat chorous)


Well you oughta see my blue eyed Sally,

She lives way down on shinbone ally

The Number on the gates the number on the door.

The next place over is the Grocery store.

(repeat chorous)

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