Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Song For You guitar chord

From: "Dan Mooney"

A Song For You

(Am)I've been so many places in my (E7)life and time, (F#m7-5)I've sung

a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme, I've (F)acted out my life in

(Em7)stages, with (Dm7)ten thousand people (Em7)watching, (Dm7)but we're

alone now, (Em7)and I'm (F)singing this song for (C)you.

(Am)I know your image of me is what I (E7)hope to be, (C)I treated you

unkindly, (F#m7-5)but darling can't you see, there's (F)no one more

important (Em7)to me, (Dm7)baby can't you please see (Em7)through me,

(Dm7)cause we're alone now (Em7)and I'm (F)singing this song for (C)you.

(Am)You taught me precious (E7)secrets of the (C)truth with holding

(F#m7-5)nothing, (F)you came out in (G)front when I was (C)hiding, (Em7)

but(Am)now I'm so much (E7)better, and if my (C)words don't come

(F#m7-5)together, (F)listen to the (Em7)melody, cause my (Dm7)love is in

there (G7)hiding.

(Am)I love you in a place where there's no (E7)space or time, (C)I love you

for my (F#m7-5)life, you are a friend of mine, (F)and when my life is

(Em7)over, (Dm7)remember when we were (Em7)together, (Dm7)we were alone

(Em7)and I was (F)singing this song for (C)you.

(Dm7)We were (Em7)alone and I was (F)singing this song for (C)you.

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