Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Remember Me lyrics

Hey, I'm the guy who found a treasure in your eyes,

And that's no surprise. There's something 'bout you, clearly.

I can't recall all the ones I met before.

They move on by, and leave me nothing to believe in.

Though the night may grow, the winds may blow.

The rain may fall from out into nowhere...

Through the night you learn what it is to yearn

When you cannot find the girl.

Through the night you feel how it is to kneel,

Asking God for all the world.

Drove all the way to drop a circus in your face.

If that's what it takes, I'll do it every day now.

Still, for your smile, I would run another mile

Barefoot and bruised, and laughing all the while.

Well, the rising sun says the night is done.

Yeah, the day will come after the darkness.

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