Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Pretty Paper guitar chord

Crowded (E) streets busy (B7) feet hustle (E) by him

Downtown shoppers (B7) Christmas is (E) nigh (run)

There he sets all (E7) along on the (A) sidewalk (A) (G#) (F#)

Hopping you won't pass him (B7) by

Should I (E) stop better (B7) not much to (E) busy

Better hurry (B7) my how time does (E) fly

And in the (E7) distance a ringing of (A) laughter

And in the (E) midst of the (B7) laughter he (E) cries,


Pretty paper pretty ribbons of (B7) blue

Wrap your presents to your darling from (E) you

Pretty pencils (E7) to write I (A) love you

Pretty (E) paper pretty (B7) ribbons of (E) blue.


Repeat chorus and tag with:


(A) Oh pretty (E) paper pretty (B7) ribbons of (B) blue

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