Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Night Life guitar chord

Words & Music - Willie Nelson, Walter Breeland & Paul Buskirk

CD - Willie Nelson - Certified Hit's

Intro C C7 F Fm

C C7

When the evenin' sun goes down,

F Fm

You will find me hangin' 'round;

C Am F G

Oh, the night life, ain't a good life,

C Am Dm7 G7

But it's my life.

C C7

Many people just like me

F Fm

Dreamin' of old used-to-be's;

C Am F Fm

and the night life, ain't a good life,

C F Fm

But it's my life.


C Am C C7

Listen to the blues they're playin'

solo 1

F Fm C

Listen to what the blues are sayin'

solo 2 Am7 G7

C C7

Life is just another scene

F Fm

from the world of broken dreams

C Am F Fm

Oh, the night life, ain't a good life

C F Fm C C7

But it's my life

Repeat Bridge, last verse and add solo's 3 & 4

and of course add the ending

All listed under solo's

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