Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Mr. Record Man guitar chord

willie nelson

song: Mr. Record Man

album: Live at Panther hall Ballroom

Capo at 2nd Fret for Key of A

Mister (G)Record Man, I'm lookin' for a song I heard to(D7)day

There was someone blue who's singin' 'bout some(C)one who went a(G)way

Just like me his heart was yearnin' for a love that used to (D7)be

It's a lonely song about a lonely (C)man like (G)me

There was (D)something 'bout a (A7)love that didn't (D)treat him right

And he'd wake from troubled (A7)sleep and cry her (D)name at (D7)night

Mister (G)Record Man, oh get this record for me, won't you (D7)please?

It's a lonely song about a lonely (C)man llike (G)me

I was (G)drivin' down the highway with the radio turned (D7)on

And the man that I heard singin' sounded so (C)blue and all a(G)lone

As I listened to his lonely song, I wondered could it (D7)be

Could there somewhere be another lonely (C)man like (G)me?


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