Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Let It Be Me guitar chord

Let me be

Willie Nelson

you just basicaly just keep repeating this with little whatnot shigamadigers...

D C# B A G F# D

D C#

I bless the day I found you,

B A E F# G

I want to stay around you,

F# E F# G F# G A

and so I beg you,

C# D

Let me be...

don't take this hell I'm from,

If you must play to someone,

now and forever,

Let me be...

Each time we make love,

I find complete love,

and without your sweet love,

What would life be...

So never leave me lonley,

tell me you love me only,

and that you'll always,

let me be...

tabed by >Charlie Frank Cockfeathers<

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