Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Just Walkin' Out The Door

Whoever blew up my country, I give up today

I'll wear a towel, I'll grow a beard, I'll cover my girls face

But someone tell me, a warrior help me, can't I have no fun

Osama la Bin Laden Can't I have no fun

I like your style It's really wild a little Martyr Dom

But mommy call the CIA someone blew up the USA

A camel jockey, raping life style, can't I have no fun

I like the wives, the bombs and riffles, I came to get a gun

Say we're all a big disgrace come blow up the human race

Osama Jihad Johnny Bin Laden can't I have no fun

I think the bombs are really right, the kids have got their guns

What we need is rock n roll shopping malls Big K Kabul

Osama la Bin laden the oil guys got guns

We got the poppies planted, Johnny Johnny Joe jihad

A Toyota truck just got stuck someone call the CIA

Try to change the human race someone blew up the USA

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