Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - I'm a Memory guitar chord

"Willie Nelson"

"I'm A Memory"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net


I'm a(A)game that(C#)you use to(C)play(A7).

I'm a(Gm)plan that(D)you didn't lay so(G)well.

I'm a(A)fire that(C#)burns in your(D)mind(C).

(A)Close your(E7)eyes i'm a(E)memory.


I'm a love that you bought for a song,

Im a voice on a green telephone.

I'm a day that lasted so long.

Close your eyes i'm a memory.


I'm a dream that comes with the night.

I'm a face that fades with the light.

I'm a tear that falls out of sight.

Close you eyes i'm a memory.

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