Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - I Still Can't Believe That Your'e Gone guitar chord

"Willie Nelson"

"I still Can't Believe That You're Gone"

"CD" Flashback"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net


(E)This is the very first day since you(A)left me.

(E)Thought i'd try to put my thoughts in a(B)song.

(E)and all i can hear myself(A)sayin'.

(E)is I still can't(B)believe that your'e(E)gone.


(E)I still can't believe that you'd(A)leave me.

(E)What did I do that was so(B)wrong?

(A)There's just too many unanswered(E)questions.

(E) and i still can't(B)believe that your'e(E)gone.


(B)Your'e gone and i'm alone,but i'm still(E)livin.

(F#)I don't like it but i'll take it till i'm(B)strong.

(E)And all i can hear is myself(A)sayin'

(E)is I still can't believe that your'e(B)gone

(repeat 3)

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