Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - How Long Is Forever

We get open! [8X]


I seen you hopin and scopin I'm copin as I get you wide open

Dyin and lyin while you're cryin and mopin

Flippin and rippin money-grippin be gropin

The baddest apparatus got the fad as I'm open

I never slip or fell, I raise up ?? well

I bash you in your bell, you got static in hell

And when you seen the fire you got jealous, you jeal'

So sucker just retire, you admire my skill

I'm never the type of guy to close the door in your face

I got you wide open, Run is runnin a race

Takin what's mine and what's left is a waste

Leavin them behind and all suckers on the chase

Got a dope track, comin real dope an'

I get legit, we get, I get..

We get open! [14X]

We get..

[Jam Master Jay]

Word up!

I freak the beat up, boom! Now bass up, pick the pace up

Jam Master blastin through the plaster cause I has ta

Hard rocks like to rock it, you can't stop it

?? Poll in ten years, I'ma walk away a prophet ??

You don't stop, I stop styles in the attic

Kick the fat flavor that you can't be mad at

?? what's the matter, more mix in granny's batter

Run-D.M.C.'s fatter, so kill the chit-chatter

Zigga zigga Jay, jigga jigga pump pump

Gettin bigger Babe Pah, figure nigga freak the funk

3 in the Head, ten yards to go

Blow up the spot for those that forgot

Stay stable as a navel, try an' rhyme rough and able

(With the Baldhead Kidz!) Word up, blow up the label

Boom boom boom, broke-in, got ya jok-in

Me, Run and D, we're gettin open!

We get open! [16X]

We get..


Open the door, let me in

so my rhyme, can now begin

Forget the hit and all the (shit)

that you used to get with, because it's not legit

I rewrote the script, I flip the ship

I bust a lip, it's time to rip the mic I grip

Darryl McDan', use abuse

I bruise the crews, I refuse to lose

My composure, I will bulldoze ya

A froze enclosure, where no one knows ya

Who dat - who flew that head, well it's said

D put the head to bed and you're dead

Moms is cryin, MC's is dyin

I'm knockin down jaws with paws, like a lion

I wrote the dope quotes, now the punks is scopin

I knuckle up and punch and bust his fronts open

We get open! [8X]

[Jam Master Jay and Onyx]

Word up, I'd like to thank G-O-D (man above)

Run-D.M.C. in the house (representin no question)

Onyx in the house (word up)

??Cha Skills?? on the wheels (word up)

Word up J-M-J ?? in the house

Randy D, get with me

We, we get, we, we get, we..

We get open! [32X]

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