Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Forgiving You Was Easy lyrics

Shivering silhouette

Who painted this bloody sunset?

A world revolving in machined grooves

Sufferings in fated pattern with arms outflung

Caressed by steel pins through hands, feet and time

Where flies your thoughts to this or the next

Reflections reform after interruption

Shadowa echoed throughout time

In this pool or that sea

The right to kill dictated by the right to judge

Waiting on cruciform tables lies the wreck of hypocrisy


What is right? Crusade, War, Persecution? Or random death

Or even questions?

How about answers?

What are you afraid of?

Is that a tear on your cheek?

The earth will inherit the meek

The spear was a needle

Longinus wore a lab coat

The latest dying junkie

Fixed himself a fatal shot

When that wound sun sinks

And the ragged have shuffled home

And the silhouette grows, dies

It will be hard to imagine

But all who revere you meet despair in your eyes

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