Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Devil In A Sleeping Bag guitar chord

"Willie Nelson"

"Devil In A Sleeping bag"

"CD" "flashback"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

*True story, the devil is Paul English,Willies drummer*


(D)We were headed home to Austin Got pnu(G)monia on the(D)road.

(D)Takin' it home to connie and the(A)kids.

(D)A wheel came off and jumped the rail track,landid in a(G)grocery(D)store.

(D)if you wanna buy a bus i'm(A)takin(D)bids.


(D)And the DEvil shivered in his sleeping bag.

(D)He said travelin' down the road is such a(A)drag.

(D)If we make it home by Friday we can(G)brag.

(D)And the Devil shivered in his(A)sleppin'(D)bag.

(2)*same pattern*

I just got back from New York City,Chris and Rita Done it all.

Raw perfection there for all the world to see.

Lord I heard an angel singin' in the Phil Harmonic hall.

Rita coolidge,Rita Coolidge cleft for me.

(repeat chorous)

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