Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Dead Flowers

I am the Syndicate Sniper

Microphone King Donald-D, boyee

On a no-sell-out mission


When I rap on wax, everything is hardcore

People say I'm lethal, that's why I'm a outlaw

Stand in my command, I got the mind of a wizard

Don't ask who is it, I'm payin a visit

To suckers who suck, lollypops get popped

I am above the law, I control the cops

They say hey diddle-diddle, I don't play a fiddle

It ain't the same old, same old or some silly rap riddle

For the rap fanatic who never panic

When it's showtime everything is dramatic

I'm the modest, the hardest, rappin rap artist

Peekin and seekin my own love goddess

If she hot like a volcano, I strike like a torpedo

Sting like a mosquito, I'm not incognito

For the Pope or the Pres, homeboys or celebs

All you knuckleheads or the ones with dreads


(Syndicate Posse got suckers on the run) [x3]


While your crew's on take

Donald-D break


The beat is dope, so Donald-D explode

While you're complainin I'm reignin on another episode

I'm the one to portray, I'm your protégé

D disobey rappers' resumes

You stand there and stare and just can't bear

To see a man in your land become a millionaire

Without robbin, I'm no gangster lean

My record, go check it, is crystal clean

Supreme, I'm super, not souped up, I'm strong

To make you move to the groove of a Double D song

Wrong, no, I wasn't for speaking my piece

Now that I am solo, the energy will increase

On those who slept, who tried to step on my rep

But now you better acceept

The intrusion, look again, no illusion

Got your mind in a state of confusion



You want slick? Well, I'm slicker than your favorite grease

When I release a devastatin masterpiece

That's not borin, it keeps you floorin, you won't cease

With Donald D the Microphone King, Beast of the East

It ain't Simple Simon, y'all, what I rock ain't simple

Girl, you got dimples, but a face full of dimples

I'm a tiger, not Tigger, ignite this trigger

A crowd in a frenzy, I'm a bad nigga, nigga, nigga

I'm the single, singular, solo soloist

Life is a gamble, so I took a risk

The knowledge that I learned wasn't learned in college

A degree doesn't mean the cash flow will be in your wallet

Keep steppin while the D is peppin

Them up to the utmost, the microphone is my weapon

There's no let-up, let me speak my piece

Cause Donald-D is sharper than a permanent crease



We bumrush your city like a 18-wheel tractor

We're real rap stars while others are actors

On your behalf you put my photograph

On your wall, you pull on my phonograph

My archrival wasn't a survivor

In russian roulette, Donald-D's arrival

Was bigger than the Pope comin to New York

Bring out the champagne and pop the cork

While you rappers are applyin to be my clients

I teach rap science, I'm the rap giant

On a high power mission to get the recognition

The word terminator's the best definition

To describe the tribe who don't take bribes

From suckers MC's to be on our side

We're the boss of course, the force who toss

Before the battle you rattled, so take a loss


[OUTRO: Ice-T]

Yo yo, Don, you know what I'm sayin, man?

Syndicate ain't takin no shorts out there, boy, yaknowmsayin?

All these suckers sellin out left and right, yaknowmsayin?

They on the take, boy

But Donald-D is down with the Syndicate, the Sniper

In full effect

We takin no hostages

Blowin up like napalm

My man Donald-D, don't mess with him

This is Ice-T talkin to you, fool

What do you think this is, boy?

You think this is some kind of game?

This is Rhyme Syndicate '89, blowin up

Killin fools out there, boy

We ain't takin no muthafuckin prisoners

Donald-D, break, goddamn it, I'm tired of this bullshit

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