Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - Crazy

I know I tell you all the time

It's always on my mind

So understand when I

Try to find the words to say

Don't want to be cliche

A cheesy serenade

Don't you know you've been

The only thing that matters to me

Don't you know you've been

The only one who truly believes

Don't let me down

I'm officially in love with you now

I got everything to lose

Times they may change

But if you would be my steady baby

I promise I'll do right by you

Right by you

People think they understand

But they don't stand a chance

They couldn't if they tried

You're neurotic just like me

Making sure I eat

You barely save a dime

Don't you know I've been

Alone with the exception of you

And if anything, that's true


Officially in love

I'm officially in love

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