Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - All In The Name Of Love lyrics

He ran his business with a deadly will

His foreman, John, had a pretty wife

The way she looked cut Jim like a knife

John was weak and his wife was, too

Her name was Kate, and she fell in, too

She let Big Jim do what he had to do

And John stood by and his life was thru


It was all in the name of love

All in the name of love

You can't change the stars above

All in the name of love

John took a bottle one drink at a time

Stared off in space as he lost his mind

Knew who it was on the telephone

He saw it all and he felt so alone

One dark morning, John stood up like a man

He took his shotgun with a steady hand

He went to the motel - broke the door in

He left two holes where two hearts had been

(repeat chorus)

He called the preacher and he called the law

And when they got there it was pretty raw

He said "Boys, you better come and take me away

I've done all I can do in the name of love today"

(repeat chorus 3 times

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