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Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Willie Nelson

I heard this was the most recorded song of the twentieth century. I only
know of  three who've done it,  Dorthy, Willie and Miss Piggy.

(G) Somewhere (Em) over the rainbow, (C) way (Am) up (G) high
Theres (C) a (Am) land (Em) that I  heard of (D) once in a (G) lullaby
Somewhere (Em) over the rainbow (C) skies (Am) are (G) blue
And the (C) dreams (Am) that you (Em) dare to dream (D) really do come (G)

Someday I'll wish (Em) upon a star
And (C) wake up where the clouds are far (Am) behind (D) me
Where (G) troubles melt like (Em) lemon drops
away above the (C) chimney tops
Thats where you'll (Am) find (D) me

(G) Somewhere (Em) over the rainbow, (C) blue(Am) birds (G) fly
(C) Birds (Am) fly (Em) over the rainbow (D) why then oh why can't (G) I
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