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written by G.P. Nunn & D.S. Farar
performed by Willie Nelson


C                 G
Postman delivered  a past due bill notice
F                             G
 The alarm clock rang 2 hours late
C                             G
 The garbage man left all the trash on the sidewalk
F                             G
 & the hinges fell off of the gate
 This mornin' at breakfast, I spilled all the coffee
  C          G          Am
I opened the door on my knee
    F                   C
The last thing I needed  first thing this mornin'
       G             G7     C
Was to have you walk out on me

Verse 2:
Last night you came home late & I knew you'd been drinkin'
By that old mellow look on your face
But I thought, It don't matter 'cause it's the Holiday season
& you fill such a big empty space
& I lay down beside you & I wanted your lovin'
'Cause your love makes my life complete
The last thing I needed first thing this mornin'
Was to have you walk out on me

     F                                        C
So excuse me for lookin' like my world just ended
  F                                            C
Excuse me for lookin' like I just lost my best friend
Excuse me for livin' & be forgivin'
Just go on if you wanna be free
        F                   C
But the last thing I needed  first thing this mornin'
       G             G7     C
Was to have you walk out on me
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