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Willie Nelson-  "If You Want Me To Love You I Will"
from Honeysuckle Rose

 I don't know who's singing.  I think some actress.  I haven't seen the movie.  this is my first ever try at transcribing a song, but I think I got this one right.  there's a run in the middle that I did not write out, you can get it if you listen to the song.   any questions, though I'm certainly no pro, it's 

intro:  pick F chord

I just want you to know

F 	  	  	            Bb 
if you want me to love you      I will

I don't want to seem forward

but to love you would be such a thrill

and the time that we've spent 

F7 	  	  	  	 Bb
together so soon could be gone

and I know if we don't love together

I'll just love you alone

and I know you don't know me

 	  	  	 Bb              D             G
and I know i just got here but still

I just want you to know 

 	  	  	     F 	     Bb 	  	 F
if you want me to love you I will 
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