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Iíd Have To Be Crazy
By Willie Nelson



E                       E7  
I'd have to be crazy to stop all my singing
    Am/C#      Am       E
And never play music again
E                         E7
You'd call me a fool if I grabbed up a top hat
And ran out to flag down the wind
E                       E7
I'd have to be weird to grow me a beard
        A                           Am
Just to see what the rednecks would do
        E                       B7  
But I'd have to be crazy, plumb out of my mind
   A                     E
To fall out of love with you

Now I know I've done weird things, I told people I hearíd things
When silence was all in abounds
Been days when it pleased me to be on my knees
Following ants as they crawl across the ground
Been insane on a train but I'm still me again
And the place where I hold you is true
And I know I'm alright, cause I'd have to be crazy
To fall out of love with you

    A-Am           E
And I donít intend to
    A            Am     E
But should there come a day
       A-Am        E       
When I say I donít love you
A                 B7
You can lock me away

I sure would be dingy, to live in an envelope
Waiting alone for a stamp
You'd say I was loco to rub for a genie
While burning my hand on the lamp
And I may not me normal but nobody is
So I'd like to say 'fore I'm through
I'd have to be crazy, plumb out of my mind
To fall out of love with you
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