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Still Water Runs the Deepest
Willie Nelson (Last of the Breed)
Chords tabbed by:  Verne Garrison
August 25, 2008, Valley Park Mo

   D          G         D          G                 D
Still water runs the deepest like a love complete and through
                              A                      D
So peaceful and dependable I can't say the same about you

                         G                         D
Your love is cold and selfish and it never could be true
           G         D           A                  D
One time I loved you truly I can't say the same about you
G                       D          G                   D
I'm leaving and I won't be back I'm goin' to where I belong
      G                      D                         A
Too long we've been together and too long you've done me wrong
Still water runs the deepest...

[ guitar - mandolin ]

Well I'm leaving and I won't be back...

Still water runs the deepest...
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