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Willie Nelson – Denver

The bright lights of Denver 
    D            A
Are shinin’ like diamonds
                  E             A   D  A
Like ten thousand jewels in the sky
And its nobody’s business 
          D                  A
Where you goin’ or where you come from
                         E            A   D  A
And you’re judged by the look in your eye
    D                                   A    D  A
She saw him that evenin’ in a tavern in town 
                  E              A     D  A
In a quiet little out of the way place
And they smiled at each other 
      D                  A    D  A
As he walked through the door
                           E               A     D  A
And they danced with their smiles on their faces
                           E               A     D  A
And they danced with their smiles on their face.

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