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I have the tab for the next 2 verses, I'm still arranging them to workout with the chord changes on the guitar. It won't be long, stay tuned.

C               F           C

5  -5  5  3     4    -4 5   4
In the twilight glow I  see her,

G7                      C

-4   5    -4 3   -5 6   5
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain.

C                  F       C

5    -5 5      3   4   -4  5  4
When we kissed goodbye and parted,

   G7                    C

-4 -4   5    -4 3  -3   -4 4
I  knew we'd never meet again.

F              Bb    F
Love is like a dyin' ember,
    F               C
And only memories remain.
    C                       F  C 
And through the ages I'll remember,
G7                      C
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain.

F               Bb      F
Someday when we meet up yonder,
C                          G7
We'll stroll hand in hand again.
C                F        C
In the land that knows no partin',
G7                      C
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain.
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