Vince Gill

Vince Gill - Smilin' Song

(feat. Michael McDonald) I've done some things that I hadn't oughta Like coming home late with the preacher's daughter I'd hit the back door seeing double My ol' man waiting with a fistful of trouble Sometimes you lose, sometimes you're a winner Talk about love I ain't no beginner I'm a sucker for a juke joint jumpin' I never stop chasin' the scent of a woman (Chorus) It's just the way that I've always been Knock me down, I'm coming back again I just sing, been there , done that I come up smilin' song I've been on top and I've hit the bottom Tlak about hard times Lord, I've got 'em Just keep runnin' and go full throttle There ain't no answer in the bottom of a bottle Repeat Chorus twice (Thanks to Nick for these lyrics)

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