Vince Gill

Vince Gill - Little Things

To all the ones who wait

It's not too late, this is your time

Regrets of photographs you took inside

That kill your mind

With all that crazy talk about what's wrong

About what's right

This is your only chance to get through tonight

You are the same as I imagined

You are the one that passes by

And takes away my pain

You are the same as I imagined

This is the beauty of my dreams

Exactly what it seems to be

You never turn away

You always comfort me

We're so concerned about the way we think

We're always stuck on stupid things

We're never wrong, but we're never right

It doesn't matter what we say tonight

It's time to face it, communicate it

And now the time has come to celebrate it

You're finding out that this is real

You can have it

This is your time

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