Vince Gill

Vince Gill - Castfish John guitar chord

CATFISH JOHN written by Johnny Russell(?)

Performed at the Grand Ole Opry by Vince Gill,Alison Krauss and Union Station


(D) Momma said don't go (G) near that (D) river

Don't be hanging round ole Catfish (A) John

But come the (D) morning I'd (G) always (D) be there

Walking in his footsteps in that (A) sweet delta (D) dawn

1st verse

Born a (G) slave in the town of (D)Vicksburg

Traded (G) for a chestnut (A) mare

But he (G) never spoke in (D) anger

Though his load was (A) hard to (D) bear


2nd verse

Let me (G) dream of another (D) morning

Of a (G) time so long (A) ago

Where the (G) sweet magnolias (D) blossom

And the cotton fields were (A) white as snow

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