UTFO - Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me

Ya cold wanna be with me


Hey girl, you wanna be with me?

Because I need someone to be with, someone to talk to

You cold wanna be with me

Because you need someone to be with, someone to talk to

You wanna be with me?

Because I need someone to be with, someone to talk to

You cold wanna be with me

Because you need someone to be with, someone to talk to

[Doctor Ice]

Because the way I live nowadays

People are different, they act real funny towards me

They say, I think, I'm nice

Why, because I'm makin records? But I'm still the same Doctor Ice

[Educated Rapper]

The same with me, they make me laugh

People gettin jealous (cause we be signin autographs)

I try to figure it out, no doubt

(But the way things are goin) I'm ready to jet out

[Kangol Kid]

Word, gettin a girl is hard, it ain't funny

Kangol don't know if she want me or my money

So I'm bein picky, cause I ain't sure

And I'm livin a life you might call insecure

[Doctor Ice]

I want a nice individualistic that's not materialistic

Not bein egotistic, ???I decide consentualistic???

The body artistic, a little bit of lipstick

Those the type of girls that make the Doc lovesick

[Kangol Kid]

Well, I'm definitely a lover, hard when I'm undercover

I'll do kinky things to you if you swear not to tell your mother

I'll push, but I won't shove ya, as long as I'm above ya

When I leave just promise me, "Kangol ???? I love ya"

[Educated Rapper]

I want a girl with action, 'control' like Janet Jackson

I hate the dark, I'm on the light so I can see reaction

Against all relaxin, prepare for steady waxin

When you leave you must pay E - for what? - satisfaction


[Doctor Ice]

Tired of these girls tryin to play the role

Everytime I see em, they're on a stroll

Teasin the fellas, wearin tight pants

Leadin us on after a slow dance

But in search of love that's how I'm livin

I want a girl to give me the same thing that I am givin

To her, from now till the day I depart

But she's got to be a redbone, a beautiful work of art

That is the way this pisces views

Like Gigi Williams on the Eye-Witness News

I hate a girl that knows every guy

Before you introduce, he already says hi

I feel like punchin her dead in the grill

But that's ill, so Doc just chills

Cause if it's meant to happen, that's how it'll be

Sooner or later you'll cold be with me

[Educated Rapper]

She wants to be with me and I know this for sure

I can tell as soon as she walks through the door

Swings and sways and shakes her stuff like Jello

Waitin for EMD to say hello

Skin-tight clothing with everything left hangin

And all the boys admit that she's well worth bangin

She only talks the talk, never walks the walk

She must be the most ???? up in all New York

Acts like an angel, pretends that she's a saint

A least that's the pretty picture she would love to paint

She's extraordinary, definitely rare

And anyway you want me, baby, I'll be there

I make you feel ??protect??, fill you with bliss

??Send a chill up?? your body with just one kiss

But if you don't show, I won't be stunned

Give your mother my number, I know she'll come


[Kangol Kid]

I want a girl that'll turn me on

When I say 'go', I wanna hear her say 'gone'

When I say 'leave', I wanna hear her say 'left'

And if I say 'was it good', she better say 'def'

Cause that's the kinda girl that I am lookin for

I really don't think there are anymore

But if one appears one day

I walk up to her and gently say

[starts singing]

I've been starin at you a while

And everytime you see me starin you crack a smile

You cold wanna be with me, it's true

If you didn't, I wouldn't be next to you

So please stop perpetrating

Girl, I'm tired of waiting

For you to hurry up and make your so-called move

That you been talkin about makin, girl, show and prove

There's really no need to talk about it

You know what I want, so what about it?

We can either go fast or slow

Cause I'll be in and out before you know

You say you're resisting

But yet you're still kissing

Everybody know that I been wantin you to kiss

Hey girl, here's a spot you missed

So cold

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