Unsigned - Vertigo- In Dreams guitar tab

In Dreams


Written by Scott Marquart

Half step down tuning (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

Verse 1: Riff 1: D to D suspended

You were everthing I needed, yeah

You were a goddess unlike any other

You saved me from what the world had in store

And you were everything to me

Pre-Chorus: A C D

But you took it all away 2x

Chorus: D B D G D

And now only in my dreams will I be with you, my queen

Bridge: A D

So sweet dreams to me


Sweet dreams to me

Verse 2: Riff 1 throughout

Aphrodite in truest form

You were beautiful as anything

I loved you

More than anything in the world

You were more than

Anything I could ask for

And everything you did

Put a smile on my face

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