Unsigned - Unarmed *** You Nazi Knights bass tab

this song is called "working for destruction"

i am the bassist of unarmed so this is all right but we might change it up now and

then so watch out











verse 1 * means rest





verse 2







seems like nazis, and the kkk, got somethin against the human race

street by street wall by wall we'll fight you til we die, until you all fall

(they can just be ordinary people walking down the street

but they are makin others suffer cause they live a life of hate

i cant see how they can live guilt free

but those mother ***ers wont come near the punk scene) (((not in song)))

swastika tattoos brand your skinhead

you walk around wishin that we were dead

well what we say might get your feelings hurt

*** you nazis we'll beat you into the dirt

kkk motto is "we're leading the way"

say you dont stand for violence or threatening

it might hurt to hear what we have to say

white pride equals racism *** the kkk


Taken from The BassMasta -- http://www.tabs-database.com

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