Unsigned - The Shins - Caring Is Creepy guitar tab

the shins

'caring is creepy'

from the cd 'oh, inverted world'

this was tabbed out from listening to an acoustic version of the song,

which can be found @ http://www.artisdead.net/theshins

this is the basic structure. there are some subtle differences that you

can probably catch on your own:

G* [200033]

Dsus [xx0233]

[B] [A] [G] [E]

i think i'll go home and mull this over

[D] [A] [G]

before i cram it down my throat

[B] [A] [G] [E]

at long last it's crashed, the colossal mass

[D] [A] [G]

has broken up into bits in my moat.

[E] [D] [E] [D/Dsus]

roll the mattress off the floor

[E] [D]

walk the cramps off

[A] [G]

go meander in the cold

[E] [D]

hail to your dark skin

[E] [D]

hiding the fact you're dead again

[E] [D] [A] [G]

undeneath the power lines seeking shade

[G*/G] [G*/G] [G*/G] [G*/G]

far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason

and so on..

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