Unsigned - Rimhole - Miss Fit Mother***er guitar tab


all on bass string( top string)



power chords to this(top string)




power chords again


play really fast


i wish i could be unlike all the rest,

i hated to be kicked away and left on the bench,

at soccer practice, cant you see

what this *** is doing to me,

rub the *** out from your eyes,

*** me up, and you'll fry,

i'll laugh so hard that ill cry

*** you bitch, i aint even high.


If you go near me today,

better get on ya knees and ***in prey,

i gave up living when i met you,

SO *** YOU

you mother ***ing dick sucking prick

dont run with knifes or youll tripp

*** with me again and ill rip your heart out through ya face

and suck ya dick cause i like the taste


Suprise Suprise,

today is the day that you die, die

*** withme and you'll cry,

cause ill spit my *** in your eyes.

Last Verse

Arnt you cleva arnt you smart,

how can you kill me if i aint got a heart

im brain dead, mind shredded and compressed till it burst

i wont be happy till your in hearst

dead dead dead

Pre Chorus

Chorus X 2

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