Unsigned - Pesky Uncle - Do Aliens Exist? guitar tab

Band - Pesky Uncle

Song - Do Aliens Exist

Hi, i wrote this song myslef . it is played at a slow tempo, its easy to work out how it goes

just keep playing around with it!!! Good Luck!!!

A A A A Em Em Em Em G G G G D D D D x 2


A Em G D

It's cold outside

A Em G D

Its raining down on to me

A Em G D

I'm watching you from a distance. Wondering if

A Em G D

Your really there in the sky

Repeat intro to verse

Verse 2.

A Em G D A Em G D

Some people say u exist, but i'm not sure

A Em G

I watch you night after night

D A Em G D

But you won't show yourself to me


G A Em

Do they really exist

G A Em

Are the stories true

G A Em C F

Are they watching me From the dark sky


But my question is.......


Do aliens Exist

Verse 1

Verse 2


Repeat Verse 2

Repeat Chorus


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